Depressed Obama Caught ‘Smoking Weed’ As Trump Destroys His Legacy With ‘Brutal Surprise’

Barack Obama hasn’t made an official public appearance in months, with insiders saying he is depressed and way behind on writing his memoirs. Reports say he was “smoking weed” like a fiend, and now, it got a lot worse with what just happened between Barack and President Donald Trump. Obama is devastated after he got a “brutal surprise” from Trump, and it will ruin his life, as it ruins his legacy forever. […]


After De Niro Screams ‘Trump’s A F*cking Idiot,’ Fed-Up Americans Give Him Brutal Surprise

Robert De Niro was in front of a packed house, including children, when he mentally lost it on stage. The aging leftist celebrity was presenting fellow actress Meryl Streep with the best actress award at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala in New York when he launched into a profanity-laced tirade about President Donald Trump. De Niro’s epic meltdown seems to be the final straw as fed-up Americans gave him a brutal surprise. […]


Delusional Meryl Streep Wants Hollywood To Take Over D.C., You Won’t Believe Her Plan

With each passing year, America learns how vile Hollywood really is. It’s almost laughable how much the industry lacks basic morals and values. Yet, these arrogant elitists believe they know better than the rest of the country. They continue to talk down to us, even when their own business is consumed in scandals. Now, Meryl Streep has announced that liberal actors should run Washington, D.C., and you won’t believe the delusional actress’s plan. […]


After Natalie Portman Wears Black To Golden Globes, ‘Sick Secret’ From Her Past Comes Out

Actress Natalie Portman was among the celebrities who wore black to the Golden Globes last night in purported “solidarity” with the victims of sexual harassment who have come forward over the past year to expose some of Hollywood’s biggest power players as nothing more than manipulative, sexually deviant predators. However, only hours after Portman donned a black dress alongside her liberal colleagues, a “sick secret” from her past came out, exposing her as a massive hypocrite. […]


After Tom Hanks Refuses To ‘Screen Movie At WH,’ Trump Rocks Him With ‘Brutal Surprise’

Tom Hanks deserves a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking after he bashed President Donald Trump over an invitation to screen his new movie at the White House. Hanks is trying to sell his movie, The Post, which co-stars Trump-hater Meryl Streep. Hanks skyrocketed to stardom, thanks to appealing to middle-class Americans, and now, the president just rocked the A-list celebrity with a brutal surprise. […]


Meryl Streep Calls Trump ‘Dictator Who Stole Election,’ President Gives Her Nasty Surprise

After Meryl Streep infamously bashed President Donald Trump at last year Golden Globes, she is now coming out with a new movie called “The Post,” a movie based on true events about The Washington Post in 1971. Streep is making the rounds, insisting that Trump is a “dictator” stopping a “free press” and stating that he stole the election from Hillary Clinton, but that’s when things got ugly. The president gave her a “nasty surprise,” making her look like a fool. […]


Trump-Hater Tom Hanks Gets Huge Backlash After Ratting Out Fellow New Yorker

Actor Tom Hanks is making headlines, but not in a good way. It seems he has taken time off from his Trump-hating campaign to harass a poor fellow New Yorker for a stupid reason that has caused the liberal actor to receive a barrage of backlash on social media. Now, many are wondering if the “Forrest Gump” star has anything better to do with his time other than harass complete strangers over stupid stuff. […]