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Maxine: Trump’s ‘Paramilitary Police’ Is Plot To Stay In Power – Made To Regret It

Maxine Waters is pushing the new Democrat talking points that suggest President Donald Trump is only sending in the federal agents to cities out of control as a trial run to stay in power if he loses the election. “This is what you see in third world countries where dictators who have paramilitary that they can call anytime they want,” she said. Well, poor Maxine was quickly made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]

Social Issues

BLM Storms Target: ‘We Will Shut Your Business Down’ — They Get Rude Awakening

Black Lives Matter is pushing a new plan to hurt Americans “who still support the police” living near Target stores. They started in Washington, D.C., and with a bullhorn disrupted shopping by screaming: “All black people, living around this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people…until you stop calling the police, we will continue to shut your business down.” Well, that’s when BLM got a rude awakening. You’ll love this. […]

Cops & Criminals

VIDEO: Woman & Child Being Attacked By BLM Mob Told By 911 ‘To Call City Hall’

A young mother with her child was terrified as they were being attacked by a Black Lives Matter mob in Virginia. The woman, who was in her car, called 911 only and got an unexpected reply from the dispatcher. But that’s not all. This type of lawlessness in Democrat-run cities is happening far too often, and many peaceful citizens are getting hurt. […]

Political Opinion

Tucker Tells Truth About BLM, They Get Papa John & Disney To Pull Ads From Show

Tucker Carlson scorched Black Lives Matter by reporting the unvarnished truth about their movement, and they pressured many businesses to pull ads from his Fox News show. Papa John’s Pizza, Disney, and T-Mobile are just a few who have succumbed to the leftwing complaining. You don’t want to miss the devastating truth Tucker is telling about BLM and how they are now regretting taking him on. […]

Political Opinion

Rose McGowan Wakes Up: ‘F*ck You Fake Ass Oprah, Democrats & Media Are A Cult’

Actress and leftwing activist Rose McGowan, who is known as one of Harvey Weinstein’s first victims to speak out, has been blown away by what she is witnessing. “The Democrats and the media are a cult,” McGowan declared. The Hollywood starlet realized how the Democrats and the media work to undermine the truth, saying: “F*ck you fake ass Oprah.” But she was just getting started. You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

Diamond & Silk Canned By Fox News Over ‘COVID Remarks,’ Trump Fires Back

Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson are the latest casualties of Fox News’ attempt to turn the cable news network into a more “politically correct” media outlet. Popular Fox Business anchor Trish Reagan also got canned by the network at the end of March. What were their crimes? All three ladies dared to question what was really going on with the COVID crisis, and that’s why President Donald Trump fired back. Don’t miss this. […]