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‘The View’ Calls Tucker Carlson ‘Loony Town’ — Fox News Host Makes Them Suffer

Fox News host Tucker Carlson routinely spouts far too much truth for the mindless hosts of “The View” to handle. That’s precisely what happened this week, causing Joy Behar and her liberal minions to label the conservative anchor “loony town.” Carlson was not about to let them get away with it, and just hours later, he made them suffer during his nightly program. […]


Antifa Attacked Tucker Carlson, Got Hit With Consequence That May Outrage Them

The radical, left-wing terror group known as Antifa has a reputation for endangering the lives of Americans. They have exposed private citizens’ addresses and bullied them in public. They’ve even started riots and caused significant violence. But after they tried to bully conservative newsman Tucker Carlson, they might be rethinking their tactics after getting hit with an unexpected consequence. […]

Social Issues

Joy Screams Tucker’s Sleazy & Avenatti’s A Hero Defending Stormy, Gets Brutal Surprise

Joy Behar was trashing Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he exposed the left’s beloved “creepy porn lawyer,” Michael Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels. Carlson asked one burning question: “Why is your client working in seedy strip clubs, getting stuff thrown at her, while you’re wearing a thousand dollar suit?” Carlson exposed Avenatti’s as the one exploiting Daniels. But, Joy couldn’t handle it, so she bashed Carlson and Fox as “sleazy,” then she got a brutal surprise. […]


Prostitution, Lies & Sexual Favors: Celebrity Reveals Omarosa’s ‘Nasty Secret’

Former White House aide Omarosa Onee Manigault-Newman has caused an uproar with a new tell-all book about her experiences in the White House. However, she may be regretting bringing so much attention to herself, because it has caused certain skeletons in her closet to be revealed. One of these dirty little secrets was made public this week by a celebrity who claims Omarosa was not above using prostitution, lies, and sexual favors to further her career. […]


Hollywood Star Screams ‘Trump Put Illegal Kid In Cage,’ Shocking Truth Shuts His Mouth

Hollywood actor Ron Perlman is one of many celebrities blaming President Donald Trump over what appears to be an illegal alien child in a cage. Perlman got the image from an infamous illegal alien journalist who called on the Hollywood crowd to make the image go viral. Now, the shocking truth is out, causing the famous Trump hater to shut his mouth. […]