Horrible News For Clinton After Who Just Came Out With Sick Story About ‘Air F*ck One’
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New Bombshell Sex Assault Claims Against Clinton Arise & They’re From AFTER He Left Office

The Clinton family has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, and there are no signs of the corruption coming to an end anytime soon. In fact, just that was proven to be the case after who just came out with a sick story about former President Bill Clinton – and the new bombshell sex assault claims all took place after Slick Willy left the Oval Office. […]


After South Dakota Mom Tells Melania Her ‘Christmas Wish,’ First Lady Just Made It Happen

A South Dakota mom wrote a letter to First Lady Melania Trump, praying to receive a reply. Even her two kids told her it was a “long shot” to expect to get anything from the White House, let alone directly from the first lady. After Candace Schumacher had almost given up all hope for her “Christmas wish,” a shocking letter arrived from Melania Trump saying “her dream had just come true.” You don’t want to miss this. […]


Disrespectful Dad Of UCLA Player Insults Trump, So Mike Huckabee DESTROYS Him In 2 Words

Last week, President Donald Trump interceeded to secure the release of LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, the three freshman UCLA basketball players who were caught shoplifting on a team trip to Hangzhou, China. Rather than offer his sincere thanks, Ball’s father had the nerve to insult Trump upon his son’s return stateside. Appalled by the overwhelming show of disrespect, Governor Mike Huckabee then stepped in to destroy Mr. Ball with two brutal words which he desperately needed to hear. […]


New Report Reveals Shocking Facts About Liberal States — Do You Live In One Of Them?

Right now, the Republican Party is enjoying control of Congress, the White House, and many governor seats across the country. However, there are still many areas in America under the lash of Democratic rule. As conservative reform sweeps the country, these liberal-controlled regions suffer. Now, a new report reveals just how badly Americans suffer under Democratic policies. […]


SEE IT: 7 Out Of The 10 Richest Members Of Congress Have 1 SICK Thing In Common

A recently published analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics reveals that seven out of the ten richest members of Congress have one sick thing in common. The analysis was based on the financial disclosure forms that members of both the House and Senate filed in 2016 and cover their assets and liabilities through 2015. The information could not have been released at a more opportune moment, as it explains quite a lot about how lawmakers casted their votes on Friday. […]


Frederica Wilson Attacks Gen. Kelly’s Patriotism, Trump’s ‘Nasty Surprise’ Shuts Her Down

Once again, “glittery” Rep. Frederica Wilson grabbed national headlines by attacking General John Kelly. Wilson got her 15 minutes of fame weeks ago, but she refuses to go away. Every couple of days, she uses social media to attack Kelly’s character and his patriotism, but this time, President Donald Trump’s “nasty surprise” for Wilson shut her down for good. You don’t want to miss what finally shut the mouth of the “rodeo clown” who was slandering an American hero. […]


Reporter Rudely Interrupts Sarah Huckabee Sanders, She Pauses Briefly & Then DESTROYS Him

Sarah Huckabee Sanders rules the White House press room like no other press secretary we have seen before her. She isn’t afraid to put the shamelessly liberal members of the media in their respective places, and she’s witty as all get out. Recently, when a reporter rudely interrupted her, she paused briefly and then destroyed him in epic fashion for disrespecting her. […]


CNN Reporter Brings Up Hillary, Sarah Sanders Destroys Her With Clinton’s Worst Nightmare

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently held a press briefing alongside Kevin Hassett, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, who excitedly discussed the tax reform bills that are quickly working their way through Congress and heading for President Donald Trump’s desk. While members of the press should have been focused on the issues at hand, one CNN reporter decided to bring up Hillary Clinton. That’s when Sanders instantly destroyed her by unleashing Clinton’s worst nightmare. […]