Irma Victim Whispers To Trump Who Quickly Makes Him Tell The Cameras What Was Said

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Florida on Thursday to meet with emergency response crews and victims of Hurricane Irma. While Trump was there, a victim of the Category 5 hurricane leaned into him and whispered a message in his ear. The president quickly turned the man towards the cameras which were watching and made him repeat what was said. […]

Liberals Panic After What ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Did In Front Of Crowd While Praising Trump Basher

Liberals Panic After What ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Did In Front Of Crowd While Praising Trump-Hater

Although Nancy Pelosi may think that she’s at the top of her game, this claim couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. In fact, she was most recently able to prove just that as she gathered a crowd to praise a famed critic of President Donald Trump – but she would later leave her own voter base in a panic after the seemingly  “drunken” mistake she let slip in front of cameras. […]

Trump Holds Meeting On Hurricane Irma, Viewers Shocked By What's Hiding In Plain Sight

Trump Holds Meeting On Hurricane Irma, Viewers Shocked By What’s Hiding In Plain Sight

While the residents of Florida were scrambling to get to safety as Hurricane Irma approached, our Commander-in-Chief was working tirelessly to discuss the hurricane and what it will mean for the country. While President Donald Trump was holding a meeting regarding the issue, a photo was taken that has left viewers in complete shock over the one thing that’s hiding in plain sight. […]

Four Years After Pilot's Death. Family Gets News That Sends Chills Down Their Spine

Four Years After Missionary Pilot’s Death, Family Gets News That Has Them Calling On Trump

When a loved one passes away, it’s never easy. The grief is something that can take years to overcome, and denial is often a natural reaction. So, after a missionary pilot from Minnesota crashed his plane and was presumed dead, his family couldn’t accept his death. However, after fighting for clearer answers for four years, they finally got some news — and it now has them calling on none other than President Donald Trump himself. […]

Karen Pence Says Public Prayer in Flood-Devastated Area, Texans' Response Will Leave You Stunned

Karen Pence Says Prayer in Flood-Devastated Area, Texans’ Response Will Leave You Stunned

In response to the historic destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen flew out to Texas to join in the relief efforts. Amid the labor, “Second Lady” Karen Pence was asked by her husband to offer a public prayer for the affected Americans, and the response from Texas locals was a huge smack in the face to anti-Christian liberals. […]