Big Mouth Behar CRIES ‘I’m Christian Too’ After VP Mike Pence SHAMES Her On Live TV

Joy Behar is in a world of hurt after she insulted Vice-President Mike Pence and all Christians, calling them mentally ill. Big-mouth Behar’s ABC bosses busted her behind closed doors as angry Americans left thousands of emails and text messages over Joy’s insults. You’ll love how VP Pence blasts the obnoxious talk show host, shaming her big time on live TV and making Joy freak out and cry, “I’m Christian, too!” […]


Joy Screams ‘Pence Is Mentally Ill, Says Jesus Talks To Him’ — Audience Delivers SmackDown

The View’s Joy Behar thought she was on a roll, cackling like a crow about Vice President Mike Pence. The shrews on the ABC talk show brought up disgraced Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who has been lying about Pence, and that’s when big-mouth Behar screamed, “Pence is mentally ill, he says Jesus talks to him!” Well, Behar immediately looked confused by the audience, who delivered a well-deserved smackdown. […]


Joy’s CAUGHT! Sexually Harasses Trump Fan Antonio Sabato As He Annihilates Her On The View

Joy Behar sexually harassed Antonio Sabato Jr., a well-known actor and model who is a hardcore supporter of President Donald Trump. Sabato was on The View to talk about his bid to run for Congress as a legal immigrant who supports the president’s plan for a border wall, and he annihilated big-mouth Behar. Joy was then caught sexually harassing Sabato, who can now join the #MeToo movement as he gets the last laugh. […]


Whoopi Attacks Trump & Supporters As ‘Slavery Lovers’ — So Patriots Give Her A Smackdown

Whoopi Goldberg made a fool of herself as she sat down with Barck Obama’s henchman, David Axelrod, to discuss President Donald Trump and his supporters. Goldberg, who is insufferable on ABC’s The View, proved she is completely brainwashed when it comes to the president and those who voted for him, saying they are “slavery lovers.” Well, American patriots immediately responded, shocking Goldberg with an epic smackdown. […]