Whoopi & The View Slammed As Hardcore Liars, Fact-Checked After Don Jr. Debacle

Yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg and her crew of anti-Trump cohosts lost control and had massive meltdowns thanks to Donald Trump Jr. who they had invited to be a guest on their show. The sheer hysteria was at an all-time high as Goldberg and the other hosts attacked Trump Jr. Well, Whoopi and her crew just got fact-checked, which resulted in being publicly slammed as hardcore liars. You’ll love this. […]


Don Jr Tells Joy: ‘You Wore Black Face,’ Goldberg & Behar Have Huge Meltdowns

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle courageously showed up on The View today. Don Jr. is currently promoting his new book aptly titled “Triggered,” and that’s exactly what happened when the president’s eldest son had to defend his father. “You wore blackface,” Don Jr. said to Joy. Immediately, Whoopi Goldberg went bonkers denying Behar had ever worn blackface, while the rest of the shrews of The View have a massive meltdown. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi & Meghan: ‘Crazy’ Rand Paul Tells Media To Reveal Whistleblower, Regret It

Meghan McCain, like her late father, is repulsed by Senator Rand Paul. “I hate him,” said Meghan on The View today. She was referring to Senator Paul’s passionate call at last night’s Trump rally: “I say tonight to the media, do your job and print [the whistleblower’s] name!” Whoopi Goldberg also agreed that he’s “crazy” and claimed it’s “against the rule of law” to reveal his name. Well, poor Meghan and Whoopi were in for a rude awakening. […]


Joy To Dems: Don’t Announce Gun Ban, Get Elected Then Take Them — Regrets It

Joy Behar gave the Democrats some advice. While discussing the failed presidential candidacy of Beto O’Rourke, she surmised lying to Americans was best for Democrat candidates. “They should not tell everything they’re going to do. If you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take them away. Don’t tell them ahead of time,” she said. Well, that’s when poor Joy was really made to regret that remark. You’ll love this. […]


Joy: World Series Lock Him Up Chant Was ‘Beautiful Moment,’ Americans Trash Her

Joy Behar led the celebration on The View after people chanted “lock him up” at the World Series game Sunday night. The chant was meant for President Donald Trump who was in attendance. “It a beautiful moment when we’re using his words against him,” Joy said. Well, poor Joy got a rude awakening as Americans trashed her and her remarks. You’ll love this. […]


Meghan Trashes Gaetz & GOP For Storming Schiff’s Hearing, Gets Reality Check

Today on The View, Meghan McCain was defending Adam Schiff and criticizing Rep. Matt Gaetz and the other Republicans who stormed into Schiff’s bogus impeachment inquiry yesterday. “I think we elect you to get your freaking job done,” blasted Meghan. “Since when did Matt Gaetz become a TV star? If you want to do that then get the hell out of Congress!” Well, poor Meghan got a brutal reality check she never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Loses Her Mind After Gingrich Schools Her On Impeachment

Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on The View got a rude awakening yesterday. Goldberg wrongly thought Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment farce is being held “by the book” and is totally lawful. Goldberg and Abby Huntsman told former Speaker Newt Gingrich he would be doing “exactly what Nancy is doing” today. That’s when Gingrich schooled Whoopi on “lawful” impeachment proceedings and Goldberg totally lost her mind. You’ll love this. […]


Hollywood Crowd Too Stupid To Understand Impeachment, Americans School Them

The Hollywood crowd has been duped by Speaker Nancy Pelosi into believing we are just a few months away from removing President Donald Trump from office. Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell, and Rob Reiner have been caught looking like utter fools, even going so far as to think Pelosi will be assuming the office of President of the United States real soon. Well, Americans schooled them with the truth. You’ll love this. […]