Meghan Declares She’s McCain’s Daughter & Against The Wall — Made To Regret It

Meghan McCain wants Americans to know she hates what President Donald Trump has done to the Republican Party. The 34-year-old co-host of The View went on a tirade saying, “I’m John McCain daughter,” and she qualified that by adding that she’s against the wall. McCain tried to explain she is for ” beefing up border security,” but she is 100% against Trump’s plans for a wall. Well, she was just made to regret her words. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Claims FBI Says Trump’s A ‘Russian Agent,’ Immediately She Gets Destroyed

Whoopi Goldberg was bubbling with excitement on “The View” this morning as she led a discussion about a recent report which claims the FBI opened a counter-intelligence operation into President Donald Trump. “According to the New York Times, the FBI were so worried [Trump] could be working as an agent for [Russia] they opened up an investigation into him,” Goldberg said laughing. Well, the 63-year-old comedian immediately got destroyed. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Says Americans Want More Border Security But No Wall — Gets Destroyed

Whoopi Goldberg led a discussion on President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address on The View this morning, asking the question, “Did Trump’s speech convince skeptics?” Right away, Goldberg claimed Americans don’t want the wall, just more border security. Well, the 63-year-old Hollywood leftist immediately got destroyed, right on live TV. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Blasts Ocasio-Cortez For ‘Pooping’ On Democrats, Gets Nasty Surprise

Whoopi Goldberg had a major meltdown Monday morning, shocking her co-hosts. Goldberg focused her remarks on Socialistic darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claiming the 29-year-old is way over her head on Capitol Hill. Whoopi blasted Ocasio-Cortex for “pooping” on the Democrats, telling her to knock it off. But, that’s not all. After Goldberg chastized Ocasio-Cortez, she too was blasted by a nasty surprise she never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]

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‘The View’ Calls Tucker Carlson ‘Loony Town’ — Fox News Host Makes Them Suffer

Fox News host Tucker Carlson routinely spouts far too much truth for the mindless hosts of “The View” to handle. That’s precisely what happened this week, causing Joy Behar and her liberal minions to label the conservative anchor “loony town.” Carlson was not about to let them get away with it, and just hours later, he made them suffer during his nightly program. […]


Whoopi Says Trump Should Pay For Wall & Americans Don’t Want It — Instantly Regrets It

Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on “The View” are back from their Christmas vacation, and immediately they went into meltdown mode attacking President Donald Trump’s stance on the government shutdown over the Southern border wall. The actress claimed Trump’s a billionaire, so he should just pay for the wall himself, adding that “real” Americans don’t want the wall at all. Well, Goldberg and her crew instantly regretted their words. You’ll love this. […]


Joy Says Trump Hasn’t Delivered Promises To His Base, Gets Destroyed

Joy Behar seemed pleased as punch on The View as she claimed President Donald Trump hasn’t accomplished anything since he has been in office. Talking about Trump’s supporters, the former comedian laughed saying, “The base hasn’t really gotten anything.” Then she added, “They got hats!” Well, that’s when Behar got utterly destroyed by the truth. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle Says Trump’s America Is Lost Right Now, Kid Rock Makes Her Regret It

Michelle Obama made a surprise stop in the Motor City, Detroit. The former first lady has been using her book tour to take swipes at President Donald Trump, and that’s exactly what she did at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena Tuesday night. Comparing Trump’s presidency to her husband’s, she said, “America’s just a little lost right now.” Well, Kid Rock made her regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Says Americans Don’t Want Wall, So Let Trump Pay For It — Instantly Regrets It

Whoopi Goldberg was having a tantrum about the border wall this morning on The View. Goldberg blasted President Donald Trump’s stance that he would shut down the government to make sure the wall got funding from Congress. The actress said that if Trump wants the wall so bad he should pay for it because Americans oppose building the wall. Well, poor Whoopi was made to regret her words. You’ll love this. […]