Joy: GOP Trying To Set Women Back 75 Years, ‘Barefoot & Pregnant!’ — Gets Torched

Joy Behar grabbed headlines when she erupted in anger at President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers, claiming that regulating abortions is outlandish. After sharing a few choice words about Trump, Behar went on a rant. “Why is the Republican Party trying to set women back 50 years or 75 years? Why do they want us to go back to the kitchen barefoot and pregnant?” she declared. Well, that’s when she got torched. You’ll love this. […]


Clooney Vows to Fundraise to Make Trump a ‘One-Term President,’ Instantly Regrets It

George Clooney has been quite vocal about his hatred of President Donald Trump. Now, the 58-year-old celebrity is hellbent on making sure the president doesn’t get re-elected. “I’ll fundraise for anybody that is out there that’s interested in trying to make this president a one-term president,” said Clooney. Well, instantly he regretted it. You’ll love this. […]


Joy: Trump Supporters Must Stop Wearing Flag Pins, Crenshaw Torches Behar

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, the Navy Seal war veteran, bravely appeared on The View. Immediately, Joy Behar started attacking President Donald Trump as “unpatriotic,” and then she told Crenshaw any Republicans who support the president must stop wearing American flag pins. Well, the Texas war hero torched Behar and gave the 76-year-old a lesson in reality. You’ll love this. […]


Joy: Economy’s Good But Trump’s ‘So Disgusting’ Americans ‘Hate Him,’ Regrets It

Joy Behar had a hard time on The View today. The 75-year-old Trump hater had to admit the economy was roaring, but she refuses to give any credit to President Donald Trump. In fact, she said Americans won’t vote for Trump because he’s “so disgusting” and they “hate him.” Well, instantly she was made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Joy Claims Trump Is ‘The Culprit’ Behind Synagogue Shooting, Instantly Regrets It

Joy Behar was spewing utter contempt for President Donald Trump today on The View. She seems to believe he is to blame for the shooting at the Chabad synagogue. “Mr. President, you are the culprit,” declared the 75-year-old to a shocked audience. Well, Behar continued to spout utter nonsense about Trump, and instantly she was made to really regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Biden Claims Americans Begged Him To Run To Bring ‘Dignity’ Not ‘Jobs,’ Regrets It

Former Vice-President Joe Biden appeared on ABC’s “The View” claiming Americans begged him to run against President Donald Trump to bring “dignity” to workers, not jobs or paychecks. Well, as you might expect, hard-working Americans had a lot to say about Biden’s so-called claims and made the 76-year-old regret his words. You’ll love this. […]


Joy Claims Americans Will Elect Biden To Take Country ‘Back,’ Trump Torches Her

Joy Behar was gushing as she said that Americans will elect Joe Biden in 2020. Referring to Biden’s new video where he claims he will take America back to better days, Behar said, “America, look at this and say do we want this America back or don’t we?” She went on to claim Americans can’t wait to get rid of President Donald Trump. Well, Trump torched Behar and her cohorts. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Says Freed Terrorists Should Have Voting Rights, Audience Destroys Her

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t try to hide her belief that terrorists, including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, should have votings rights if they are freed. Goldberg said that terrorist, rapist, or pedophile should have the same rights as all Americans, especially the right to vote. Well, the shocked audience immediately destroyed her. You’ll love this. […]