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Fox News Cuts Away From Trump’s Impeachment Defense, Americans Torch Them

Fox News shockingly cut away from the most important moments in President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense on Monday afternoon. Strangely, MSNBC and CNN did not cut away at all. It started when “The Five” cut off attorney Pam Bondi as she was exposing Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption. Fox News even talked over Alan Dershowitz, who hit a grand slam home run. Well, that’s why patriotic Americans totally torched Fox News. Don’t miss this. […]

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Pavlich Drops Truth Bomb On Impeachment, Wallace Explodes On Live TV

Fox News’ Chris Wallace exploded on Monday’s broadcast after contributor Katie Pavlich dropped an impeachment truth bomb right on his head. Wallace couldn’t handle the truth. “Get your facts straight!” he said. Well, that’s when Pavlich cleaned his clock with a brilliant rebuttal making poor Chris look like an utter fool. You’ll love this. […]

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Stephanopoulos Makes Throat-Cutting Gesture To Shut Up Trump Lawyer, Gets Torched

ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos was caught red-handed making a throat-cutting gesture to cut away from Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow during live coverage of the Senate’s impeachment trial Thursday. He didn’t want Americans to hear what Sekulow was saying, and that’s why he was so adamant that ABC should immediately cut off the president’s attorney. That’s when Americans torched Stephanoplous in ways he won’t soon forget. You’ll love this. […]

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Wallace: Patriots Are Testifying Against Trump, Scalise Torches Him With Truth

During an interview with Rep. Steve Scalise, Fox News’ Chris Wallace maintained that the witnesses who are testifying in the open impeachment hearings are all unbiased patriots, who listened to the president’s July 25 phone call and became very upset he was doing something very wrong. Well, Wallace is very misinformed, and that’s why Scalise torched him with the truth. You’ll love this. […]

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Chris Wallace Destroyed After Saying Impeachment Hearing ‘Very Damaging’ To Trump

Fox News’ Chris Wallace was brought in to give live coverage of the first day of Adam Schiff’s show trial. Halfway through the hearing, Wallace claimed it was all “very damaging” to President Donald Trump. He went on and on about how one witness was so credible. Well, poor Chris Wallace didn’t know what hit him as he got utterly destroyed. It’s so bad that his career is barely on life support. You’ll love this. […]

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‘I Can Feel Goosebumps’: Wallace Thrilled By Impeachment Vote, Gets Destroyed

Fox News’ Chris Wallace was so utterly thrilled as he watched Speaker Nancy Pelosi call for the vote on her bogus Impeachment Resolution, he told viewers: “I can feel goosebumps. You cannot overstate how dramatic this is.” Wallace has been arguing that the Democrats are doing everything right. Well, poor Chris Wallace didn’t know what hit him as Americans destroyed him. You’ll love this. […]

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Mueller Called ‘Bumbling Idiot’ As Jim Jordan Exposes His Utter Disregard For Truth

Robert Mueller is on Capitol Hill testifying on his two-year investigation into President Donald Trump and the so-called Russian collusion into the 2016 election. Fox News’ Chris Wallace describes his testimony as “an utter disaster” right after Rep. Jim Jordan excoriates Mueller and exposes his utter disregard for the truth. You’ll love this. […]

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Rush: It’s A National Emergency & Our Culture At Risk From Illegals, Nancy Freaks Out

Rush Limbaugh was on fire Sunday morning on Fox News. The radio icon said, “We have an emergency. This is an invasion…the Democrats want a parade of illegal people who are uneducated, don’t even speak the language, they want them here. It is a crisis.” Fox News’ Chris Wallace tried to stick up for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s so-called national emergencies, and that’s when Rush really made the Speaker of the House freak out. You’ll love this. […]


I’M QUITTING THIS DAMN SHOW!: Behar Says ‘Entitled B*tch’ Went Too Far On The View

Joy Behar got into a horrid confrontation with “an entitled b*tch” on The View, screaming, “I’m quitting this damn show!” In fact, the 75-year-old Behar shouted her ultimatums. If they are not met, she won’t return to the ABC show. The live audience heard the entire cat-fight, and we have all the details everyone is dying to know. You’ll love this. […]