'Loser' Hillary Reveals How Much Pain She Was In After Trump's Win With 5 Pathetic Words 

‘Loser’ Hillary Reveals How Much Pain She Was In After Trump’s Win With 5 Pathetic Words 

President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were two of the biggest political rivals we’ve ever seen, providing plenty to talk about during last year’s election season. However, up until now, Hillary hasn’t directly addressed her feelings regarding Trump’s election win. She has not only recently revealed how she felt, but it only took five pathetic words before most of the nation was rolling their eyes at the poor loser once again. […]


Melania Just Did 1 Thing For Florida Hurricane Victims That Michelle Obama Refused To Do

Melania Trump continues to be attacked by Michelle Obama fans who scrutinize the FLOTUS for wearing high heels, so what just happened in Florida won’t be making the mainstream news anytime soon. Melania accompanied the president to visit the Florida hurricane victims as the liberal media scoffed at her, once again. Those losers don’t want you to know about the one thing she did for the Florida hurricane victims that Michelle refused to do. […]

After Liberal Media Attacks Her Shoes During Harvey, Melania Gets Bold Revenge After Irma

After Liberal Media Attacks Her Shoes During Harvey, Melania Gets Revenge After Irma

The transition into the role of First Lady of the United States hasn’t been easy for Melania Trump. However, after being thrust into the political spotlight, she’s been the target of attacks from the left. Liberals recently cyber bullied her over her choice of shoes during Hurricane Harvey, but she temporarily silenced whiny liberals as she got a dose of revenge after Hurricane Irma. […]


Fed-Up Rocker Gene Simmons Drops Nasty Surprise On Hillary & Trump-Haters, You’ll Love It

KISS rocker Gene Simmons is fed-up with the political climate of hate in America. The Israeli-American was on Fox & Friends, telling the hosts about his mother who survived Adolf Hitler’s concentration camp when the topic of the president came up. Simmons usually keeps his political views to himself but seemed overcome with emotion as he dropped a nasty surprise on Hillary Clinton and all Trump-haters. You’re going to love it. […]


After ‘Secret Server’ Found, DWS Melts Down Over ‘Intimate Relationship’ With Muslim Spy

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is completely melting down after a secret server was just discovered, set-up by her Muslim IT guy who was arrested by Capitol Hill Police. Irwan Awan routed data from the Florida congresswoman to this secret server in what is shaping up to be the biggest scandal that the mainstream media refuses to cover. Wasserman Schultz’s schizophrenic behavior, protecting Awan, shocked the police, and you’ll be shocked too by just how close she really is to Irwan Awan. […]


WATCH: Hillary Suffers Brain Malfunction During Live TV Appearance, Supporters Panic

Thanks to Hillary’s Wednesday appearance on ABC’s nauseating daytime talk show The View, speculations have once again surfaced that she is suffering from some sort of neurological breakdown. The twice-failed presidential candidate sat down to talk with the show’s panel of cackling Communists, but all that happened was a brain malfunction on Hillary’s part. Now, her supporters are panicking. […]


911 Called At Book Signing After Trump Fan Blasts Hillary & Huma With A Nasty Surprise

Hillary Clinton and her closest aide Huma Abedin were one hour late getting to the book signing for the former Secretary of State’s take on the presidential election of 2016, called “What Happened.” However, one smart Donald Trump fan’s video captured the nasty surprise she dropped on both Hillary and Huma as the event exploded into mayhem at a New York City book store, and 911 was called. You don’t want to miss this. […]