Bongino Blows Up Impeachment Farce, Whistleblower Alleged Ties To Strzok & Page

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino has been investigating the deep state plots to take out President Donald Trump. Dan just found some “crazy coincidences” between Adam Schiff’s so-called whistleblower, CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, and disgraced former FBI agent Peter Stzrok and his lover former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Not only will this blow your mind, but it will also blow up Schiff’s impeachment farce. […]


Schiff’s ‘Whistleblower’ Outed, CIA Agent Aided Obama WH In Trump Coup Attempt

Adam Schiff got dealt a huge blow to his bogus impeachment inquiry last night when his whistleblower was fully outed thanks to investigative reporter Paul Sperry. CIA agent Eric Ciaramella has been named as the whistleblower, and he has an extremely troubling past. Evidence has come out which allegedly proves Ciaramella was part of the 2016 coup attempt led by Barack Obama and his cabal. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Biden Humiliated, Denied Communion By Priest: 2020 Democrats Not For God

Former Vice-President Joe Biden was in South Carolina on Sunday for a campaign stop. Hoping to connect with churchgoers, the 2020 candidate attended Mass at a local Catholic Church were he got utterly humiliated. As Biden approached to take Holy Communion at Saint Anthony’s Parish, he was stunned as he was turned away by Father Robert E. Morey, who also had a message for all the 2020 Democrats running against President Donald Trump. You’ll love this. […]


Schiff & ‘Smoking Gun’ Witness Against Trump Caught Colluding, Ties To Burisma

Adam Schiff is keeping his bogus impeachment inquiry in super-secret lockdown mode, along with refusing to allow any Republicans access to any of the transcripts. Well, we have just uncovered damning evidence that Schiff colluded with this “smoking gun” witness, Bill Taylor. We also have evidence that it all leads back to Burisma. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Schiff Torched After Playing Dirty, Changing Reason Trump Must Be Impeached

Chairman Adam Schiff knows his secret impeachment hearings are not going so well. Reports that Schiff had pressed a witness to lie about President Donald Trump came out yesterday. So, Schiff seized on fake news by CNN, and now he has changed his main “reason” the president must be impeached. Well, that’s when Shifty Schiff got torched. You’ll love this. […]


Schiff Caught In Secret Impeachment Hearing Pressing Witness To Lie About Trump

Chairman Adam Schiff was just caught pressing United States special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker to lie while under oath during the secret impeachment hearings the Democrats are holding in the basement on Capitol Hill. In fact, Schiff, who has tried to keep all the testimony under wraps and only leaks what he wants the press to report, was caught red-handed. You’ll love this. […]


Jimmy Kimmel Defends Hunter Biden & Smears Trump Family, Regrets It

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel told his audience last night that Hunter Biden did nothing wrong with his lucrative deals in Ukraine and China, but President Donald Trump’s kids and their spouses are all guilty of using his office to enrich themselves and grift the American people. He was especially mean to Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Trump, calling her a “heartless imbecile with lip injections.” Well, Kimmel was made to regret it. […]


‘Say It Nicer’: Hunter Biden Gets Angry During Interview, Not ‘Squeaky Clean’

Hunter Biden came out of his hiding place following President Donald Trump’s taunts and did an interview for ABC News. During the interview on his ties to a Ukrainian oil company and his dirty deals with China, Hunter became incensed about being asked about his serious drug problem and lied several times. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is claiming everything he is involved in is “squeaky-clean.” You don’t want to miss this. […]


Schiff Claims Whistleblower Won’t Testify, Trump & Levin Give Him Reality Check

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff admitted yesterday that his so-called whistleblower won’t testify in public or in a closed session. The whistleblower has now been allegedly identified, and we have uncovered his name and the many anti-Trump reasons he is refusing to go before Congress. This led to President Donald Trump and Mark Levin to blast Schiff and this entire impeachment farce, giving the California Democrat a huge reality check. Don’t miss this. […]