Cher’s Unhinged: Trump’s A ‘Disease’ That Must Be ‘Crushed’ — Instantly Regrets It

Cher is making headlines after having a meltdown over President Donald Trump’s probable re-election in 2020. The iconic pop star claimed in an unhinged rant Trump’s “the enemy, a disease, and must be crushed.” But that’s not all. It was so bizarre that she instantly was made to regret it by her own fans. Don’t miss this. […]


‘I’m Done With Him!’: Nancy Can’t Handle Trump After Losing Control Of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking Democrat in Congress, just had a temper tantrum in public. The House Speaker has been under pressure for weeks, and she took it out on President Donald Trump. “I’m done with him!” declared Pelosi referring to the president. However, the 79-year-old Speaker is really losing her cool after she lost total control of the rabid far-leftist Democrats in the House. You’ll love this. […]


OPINION: Maxine Suffers Brain Malfunction On TV, Proves It’s Time To Step Down

Maxine Waters is giving Nancy Pelosi some big competition at suffering brain malfunctions in public. Yesterday, the 80-year-old Waters was on live TV when she got all confused talking about President Donald Trump and her take on the Mueller report. This isn’t the first time the elderly Congresswoman has had an incident proving it’s time she steps down. Don’t miss this. […]